What determines the cost of translation?

If you want to know the translator’s rate, here is a list of details that will have an impact on the price, and in order to give you a quote, the translator is going to ask you the following questions: 

What is the source language and the target language?

Before sending the inquiry, make sure that this translator actually works with the language pair you are looking for. Also, specify if it concerns any language variant, for example, European Spanish or Latin American Spanish, as it is possible that the translator only translates into one of these variants.

Generally, less common language pairs with relatively few qualified translators are more expensive (i.e., Japanese to Polish). While for example translating from Spanish to English cam be quite cheaper due to the higher number of translators working with this language pair. 

What is the extension of the text?

Needless to say, the length of the text is one of the key factors when it comes to the price. In some countries, translators charge per word, while in others per page. For example, in Spain, it is more common to get a quote per word, while in Poland per page. But this is not a fixed rule, and you should always check it with the translator.

What kind of text is it?

The price will also depend on the type of text. That is why you should point out if it is a general or specialized text, i.e., legal, medical, IT, etc.
Normally, translators have two different rates for general and specialized texts.

What is the deadline?

If it is an urgent request, the translator may apply an extra charge.

What is the format of the text?

The price will vary if you need a translation of, for example, a simple Word document or a poorly scanned file with images and text on them.

Is there any specific CAT tool (Computer-Assisted Translation tool) that has to be used for the translation?

It is also important to mention if the project needs to be translated with a help of a specific CAT tool in order to make sure that the translator has the required software.

If you are looking for a native Polish translator (from English and Spanish) specialised in legal and business translation, do not hesitate to send me a message or an e-mail to: info@spl-translations.com

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