Translation of legal and financial documents

I have a degree in legal translation and regularly train in this field by attending training courses and webinars. I have been doing this kind of translation professionally since 2019. I can help you translate texts such as:

– company statutes
– commercial contracts
– articles of incorporation
– bank statements
– invoices
– PIT settlements
– BIK reports
– salaries
– employment contracts
– non-disclosure agreements
– terms and conditions 

Translation of business and corporate texts

In addition to my expertise in business translation, I have professional experience in multilingual companies and corporations, where I dealt with different types of business texts on a daily basis. I, therefore, know how important they are for a company’s image and for effective communication. Here are examples of texts in this area that I can translate for you:

– health and safety training
– cyber security training
– company newsletter for internal and external communication
– data protection and cookie policy
– e-mail communication
– press releases
– presentations

Translation of vehicle documentation

If you want to import a vehicle from another country to Spain or Poland, I will translate the following documents for you:

– purchase contract
– registration certificate
– technical inspection card

Bilateral interpreting during property purchase in Spain (Costa Blanca)

If you have Polish clients who want to buy a property in the Alicante area and they do not speak Spanish or do not feel confident that they will understand everything when signing the purchase contract, I will be happy to accompany them as a Polish-Spanish interpreter. Remember that Spanish law does not require a sworn interpreter for such an activity.

Consecutive interpreting

I have also participated as an interpreter in training courses organised for employees of newly opened branches of Polish companies in the Spanish market. My services in this area include interpretation of:

– company policies
– product specifications
– technical handling of an IT or music system, etc. 

Your text doesn’t fall into any of the areas listed? Maybe it’s just a general non-specialist text?
Send me an e-mail and let’s discuss how I can help you


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