Frequently asked questions

You may scan it with a scanner or with the free Adobe Scan phone app, or you can send me a picture of the text, but make sure it is legible and take care to use good lighting.

The price per source word starts from € 0,10 and the final price will depend on a number of factors, such as:

The length of the text – the rate for my translation is based on the number of words in the document, I use specialised software to calculate the words in custom files, but you can also check this in a Word document, for example.

The subject matter and complexity of the text – if it is a specialised text that requires specialised knowledge from the translator, the price tends to be higher than translations of general texts.

Delivery date – I translate 2500 words of source text per day as standard, express translations carried out on the same day as the order placement [consult availability] or at short notice requiring translation of more than 2500 words per day include an additional charge of +50% of the rate.

Format – if the document requires additional formatting this may affect the final price.

I will be happy to do your translation, even the shortest one, but I charge a minimum rate of EUR 20 per assignment.

I translate from Spanish to Polish and from English to Polish.
I do not translate from English to Spanish or vice versa.

No, I only do translations that do not require the official seal of a sworn translator.

Although translators are trained to search for information, when it comes to specialised translations, the translator’s proficiency in the subject matter is just as crucial as their proficiency in the language. It’s like, for example, in medicine, we wouldn’t entrust a dentist with a heart operation even though he has a medical background.

In addition to legal and business translations, I have translated texts related to, for example, gastronomy, cosmetics, fashion, and even MMA fights! However, I do not usually do technical or literary translations.

Do you have more questions?
Contact me and I will be happy to answer.

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